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Arc Self-levelling Floor Compound | 20KG | Grey

Arc Self-levelling Floor Compound | 20KG | Grey
Arc Self-levelling Floor Compound | 20KG | Grey

Arc Self-Level Floor Levelling Compound is a cement-based, subfloor smoothing underlayment, giving a consistently level screed from a feather-edge up to 6mm thick or 8mm with the addition of Arc Latex Admixture.

Arc Self-Levelling Flooring Compound incorporates specially blended cements, graded sands and organic super-plasticisers, which with the addition of the water, give the ideal properties for application to masonry based floor surfaces such as tamped or worn concrete and sand/cement floor screeds. On non-porous floors it should be mixed with Arc Latex Liquid rather than water to give improved adhesion to the substrate and enhanced abrasion and point-load resistance.


For smoothing screeds and a variety of floor surfaces. Arc Self Level is ideal for preparing a surface prior to the installation of a new covering. It is suitable for use on screeds, concrete, floated concrete, backer boards and underfloor heating (when mixed with Arc Latex Admixture). It can be applied to a depth of 6mm in one application with water addition or 8mm when adding Arc Latex Admixture.



Special features
Gives a free flowing mix
Provides a smooth level finish on rough and uneven surfaces.
Can be applied from feather-edge up to 6mm thick.

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