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Sahara S350 3 Burner Gas BBQ | Bamboo Side Trays Sahara S350 3 Burner Gas BBQ | Bamboo Side Trays
-10 %
Brand: Sahara Model: 142789
€404.10 €449.00
Excl. VAT€328.54
Weber Q2200 Gas Barbecue with Stand | Black Weber Q2200 Gas Barbecue with Stand | Black
-30 %
Brand: Weber Model: S45660
€349.00 €499.00
Excl. VAT€283.74
Weber Spirit II E-210 Gbs Gas Bbq | Black
-10 %
Brand: Weber Model: 131641
€494.10 €549.00
Excl. VAT€401.71
Kamado Bono Grande BBQ Grill | 23" Kamado Bono Grande BBQ Grill | 23"
-10 %
Model: 148024
Starting From €895.50 €995.00
Excl. VAT€728.05
Kamado Joe Classic Red With Cart Kamado Joe Classic Red With Cart
-10 %
Model: S58465
Starting From €1,079.10 €1,199.00
Excl. VAT€877.32
Omega 200 Gas Bbq
-10 %
Model: S58504
€179.10 €199.00
Excl. VAT€145.61
Sahara Mini Portable Gas BBQ Sahara Mini Portable Gas BBQ
-10 %
Brand: Sahara Model: 134091
€134.10 €149.00
Excl. VAT€109.02
Weber Spirit II Gas BBQ | E-310 GBS
-10 %
Brand: Weber Model: 131642
€629.10 €699.00
Excl. VAT€511.46
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What can you cook on a barbecue?

On a barbecue you can cook a variety of foods such as steaks, burgers, hot dogs, chicken, fish, vegetables, kebabs, sausages and even fruit like pineapple.

Why you should buy a barbecue?

1. Barbecues are great for entertaining friends and family. You can make delicious meals for everyone to enjoy outdoors.

2. Barbecues provide a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. You can cook up some tasty food while taking in some Vitamin D from the sun.

3. Grilling with a barbecue is healthier than cooking indoors, as it reduces the amount of fat used in cooking, making your meals much healthier and more nutritious.

4. Barbecuing is an inexpensive way to prepare meals for large groups of people, which makes it perfect for summer time parties or gatherings with family and friends.

5. Barbecues are also an easy way to make sure that everyone gets their fill of delicious cooked meat without having to worry about cleaning up afterwards - just throw it on the grill and enjoy!

How is a BBQ maintained?

1. After every usage, wash the grill. This will aid in preventing the formation of rust and other debris on the barbecue grates.

2. To keep the grill protected from the elements, keep it in a covered space while not in use, like a shed or garage.

3. To maintain safety while using your barbecue, make sure to check for gas leaks before each use and always use a correctly fitted gas regulator.

4. After each usage, use a wire brush or scraper to remove any tenacious food particles that may have become lodged on the grill grates.

5. Once a year, you should give your barbecue a deep clean by removing all of the parts and cleaning them separately with soapy water, BBQ cleaner, and a cloth or brush.

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