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6.0m - (6x2) White Deal Rough

6.0m - (6x2) White Deal Rough
6.0m - (6x2) White Deal Rough
6m - 150 X 44 White Deal Rough 20ft (6x2)
Width 150
Special features
GP Wood sources all of it's timber from sustainably managed forests and has FSC chain of custody certification. Timber can be traced from log through to the sale of sawn timber. GP Wood has also achieved third party CE certification for the grading of wood which means that it complys with European standards.
Nominal value: 9X2X20ft

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Excl. VAT €26.85
  • Cork: In Stock
  • Kerry: Call for Availability
  • Model: B2016/6.0
Tags: White Deal , Rough

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