Top Soil 1 Metre Cubed Bag - Enriched With Pro-grow
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Enrich Pro- Grow Top Soil Is Premium Manufactured Blend Of Topsoil, Enrich Compost And Horticultural Grit. It Is Ideally Suited For Raised Vegetable Beds, Planters And Most Other Garden Applications. This Peat Free Organic Mixture Has Been Finely Screened To Create A Finished Product Which Is Easy To Use And Is Rich In Essential Nutrients And Organic Matter.


1 m3
Special features
Provides a food source for beneficial micro organisms
Increases active organic matter which is essential for soil health
Slowly releases essential plant nutrients, reducing the need for chemical fertilisers
It is crumbly and easy to work
It contains grit which lowers the ph and increases the nutrient supply
Greatly improves soil structure making it easier to work

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