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Our range of radiator valves and accessories provides the perfect finishing touches for your heating system, ensuring optimal performance and style. These products include:

Thermostatic Valves: Achieve precise temperature control with our thermostatic radiator valves, designed to automatically adjust the heat output based on the room temperature, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort.

Manual Valves: Opt for simplicity and reliability with our manual radiator valves, allowing you to manually control the flow of water to your radiators for consistent heating.

Lockshield Valves: Ensure balanced water flow throughout your heating system with our lockshield valves, designed to regulate and maintain the desired temperature in each radiator.

Decorative Valves: Add a touch of elegance to your radiators with our range of decorative valves, available in various finishes and styles to complement your interior décor.

Bleed Valves: Keep your radiators functioning efficiently by releasing trapped air with our easy-to-use bleed valves, ensuring optimal heat output and performance.

Pipe Covers: Achieve a clean and professional look with our pipe covers, designed to conceal unsightly pipework and enhance the appearance of your heating system.

Brackets & Fixings: Secure your radiators with our durable brackets and fixings, providing strong and reliable support for wall-mounted and floor-standing radiators.

Radiator Keys: Maintain your heating system with our radiator keys, essential for bleeding radiators and adjusting valves.

Choose our high-quality radiator valves and accessories for a complete, efficient, and stylish heating system tailored to your needs.

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