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Whether you're a professional plumber or a DIY enthusiast, our extensive selection of fittings and waste solutions ensures you have the right components for any job.

Our range of fittings and wastes offers essential components for a reliable and efficient plumbing system. These products include:

Pipe Fittings: Ensure secure and leak-free connections with our high-quality pipe fittings, available in a variety of materials such as copper, brass, PVC, and stainless steel.

Compression Fittings: Achieve quick and easy installations with our compression fittings, designed for secure connections without the need for soldering.

Push-Fit Fittings: Enjoy the convenience of our push-fit fittings, allowing for fast and tool-free connections, ideal for both professional plumbers and DIY enthusiasts.

Waste Pipes: Keep your plumbing system running smoothly with our durable waste pipes, designed for efficient drainage and resistance to blockages.

Traps & Seals: Prevent unpleasant odors and ensure proper drainage with our range of traps and seals, suitable for sinks, basins, and showers.

Flexible Hoses: Connect your fixtures with ease using our flexible hoses, offering versatility and reliability for various plumbing applications.

Backflow Preventers: Protect your water supply with our backflow preventers, designed to prevent contamination and ensure safe water flow.

Pipe Clips & Brackets: Secure your plumbing installations with our sturdy pipe clips and brackets, providing support and stability for your pipework.

Overflow Fittings: Ensure safety and prevent water damage with our overflow fittings, designed to handle excess water and protect your plumbing system.

Choose our high-quality fittings and wastes for a durable, efficient, and reliable plumbing solution tailored to your needs.

In our waste section, you'll discover a variety of products designed to efficiently manage and dispose of wastewater. From traps and vents to drainpipes and connectors, our waste solutions are built to last and meet all regulatory standards.

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