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La Hacienda Brooklyn Firepit | 58236 La Hacienda Brooklyn Firepit | 58236
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Our range of outdoor heating and cooking products allows you to enjoy your outdoor space year-round, providing warmth and versatile cooking options. These products include:

  • Fire Pits: Create a cozy gathering spot with stylish and functional fire pits.
  • Patio Heaters: Keep warm on cooler evenings with efficient and powerful patio heaters.
  • Chimineas & Outdoor Fireplaces: Add warmth and charm to your garden with these traditional heating options.

Choose our high-quality outdoor heating and cooking products for a comfortable, enjoyable, and versatile outdoor living experience.

What is Outdoor Heating & Cooking?

Outdoor heating and cooking refers to the practise of using outdoor appliances to prepare and warm food, liquids, and other objects outside. You could barbecue, smoke, roast, and cook, for instance. Outdoor heating and cooking are popular for picnics, camping vacations, outdoor events, and other outdoor activities.

What is a Chiminea?

Outdoor fireplaces or ovens known as chimineas are often fashioned of cast iron or clay. They come in a range of sizes and forms and are frequently used for outdoor cooking and heating. Because they hold heat for a long time, chimineas are a fantastic way to heat and cook outside with family & friends.

What is a Firepit?

An outdoor space where a fire can be securely contained and enjoyed is a firepit. Firepits often have a bowl-like shape with an open top and are made of brick, stone, or metal. They are frequently employed for outdoor socialising, warmth, and cooking.

What is an Outdoor Heater?

For warmth outside, we advise using an outdoor heater. These devices may be powered by electricity, gas, or wood. They come in various shapes and sizes. Camping, patios, outdoor dining areas, and other outdoor activities regularly use outdoor heaters. Ideal for those late summer nights in the garden with family & friends.

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