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Rakes & Lawn Care Tools

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Model: S57410
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What are Rakes & Lawn Care Tools?

Rakes and lawn care tools are tools used to maintain and care for lawns. They include rakes, hoes, edgers, aerators, grass shears, weeders and trimmers. Rakes are used to gather up leaves and debris from the lawn. Hoes are used to cultivate soil before planting or for weeding. Edgers can be used to create a neat line along the edge of the lawn or flower bed. Aerators help break up compacted soil by creating small holes that allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the ground more easily. Grass shears can be used to trim grass edges along walkways or flower beds. Weeders are useful for removing weeds from garden beds while trimmers help keep hedges and other shrubs trimmed back neatly around the edges of your property.

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