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Our range of axes and hatchets offers durable and efficient tools for all your chopping and splitting needs. These products include:

  • Felling Axes: Designed for cutting down trees with powerful, efficient strokes.
  • Splitting Axes: Perfect for splitting logs into firewood with ease.
  • Hatchets: Compact and versatile for chopping smaller branches and kindling.

Choose our high-quality axes and hatchets for reliable, effective, and durable wood cutting solutions.

What are the uses of axes and hatchets?

Cutting and splitting wood as well as felling trees are both done with axes and hatchets. They can also be used to remove small bits of wood or make kindling.

What is a chopping axe?

A chopping axe is a type of axe specifically designed for cutting and splitting wood. It typically has a wide, sharp head with a long handle. It is usually used to split logs into smaller pieces, but it can also be used to chop down trees.

What is a felling axe?

A felling axe is a type of axe specifically designed for chopping down trees. It typically has a long, thin head with a short handle. It is used to chop through the trunk and branches of a tree to fell it.

What is a splitting axe?

An axe specifically made for splitting wood is known as a splitting axe. Typically, it has a long handle and a wide, narrow head. Axes are typically driven between the wood's grain to break logs into smaller pieces.

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