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Medium Vegepod & Winter Cover Medium Vegepod & Winter Cover
-23 %
Model: S55747
€229.00 €299.00
Excl. VAT€186.18
Model: 159301
Excl. VAT€40.64
Organic Growers Greenhouse Organic Growers Greenhouse
-32 %
Model: 157584
€189.00 €279.95
Excl. VAT€153.66
Model: S60030
€49.95 €54.95
Excl. VAT€40.61
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Our range of "Grow Your Own" products empowers you to cultivate a thriving garden, whether you're a beginner or an experienced gardener. These products include:

  • Seeds: A wide variety of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds to start your garden.
  • Planters and Containers: Versatile solutions for growing plants in any space.

Choose our high-quality "Grow Your Own" products for a successful, productive, and enjoyable gardening experience.

Why not grow your own?

Grow your own fruit, vegetables, herbs and more with MD O'Shea's online store. Find all the essentials you'll need including seeds, trays, grow tables & propagator sets. All available for home delivery.

Growing your own vegetables, fruit and herbs is a great way to enjoy fresh, organic produce while saving money. You can start with a small container garden on your deck or balcony, or if you have the space, create a larger garden plot in your backyard. You will need to choose the best location for your garden based on the type of plants you want to grow, as well as how much sunlight and water they need. Once you’ve chosen a spot, you can start planting! Many vegetables are easy to grow from seed or seedlings (such as tomatoes, peppers and lettuce), while some may require more effort (like potatoes). Herbs are also easy to grow and can be used in cooking or for medicinal purposes. Fruit trees require more space but can provide delicious homegrown fruits like apples and pears. With some patience and dedication, growing your own food will be rewarding in more ways than one!

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