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Flower Pots

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Model: S57087
Starting From €77.95
Excl. VAT€63.37
Model: S57090
Starting From €64.95
Excl. VAT€52.81
Model: S57094
Starting From €82.95
Excl. VAT€67.44
Brand: Elho Model: S48083
Starting From €2.50
Excl. VAT€2.03
French Garden Pots | Set of 4
-57 %
Model: S54524
Starting From €99.00 €229.95
Excl. VAT€80.49
Brand: Elho Model: S47677
Starting From €1.05
Excl. VAT€0.85
Model: S57100
Starting From €109.95
Excl. VAT€89.39
Model: S57097
Starting From €104.95
Excl. VAT€85.33
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What is the purpose of Flower Pots?

Flower pots are containers that are used to grow and display plants indoors or outdoors. They provide beauty and colour to your house or garden as well as a place for plants to grow and thrive. Furthermore, flower pots can aid in shielding sensitive root systems from chilly conditions, excessive heat, and powerful winds.

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