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Westland Potting Grit | 20kg

Westland Potting Grit | 20kg
Westland Potting Grit | 20kg

For further drainage and to help open up the structure of compost, the Westland Potting Grit is perfect. It is perfect for adding a beautiful touch to rockeries, pots, containers, ponds, aquariums, and alpine settings. It may also be added on potting benches to give potted plants a great, freely-draining basis. cleaned and sorted 4–7 mm grit. opens up the structure and enhances drainage. gives pots and containers more weight.

  • 4-7mm washed and graded grit
  • Ideal for anchoring aquatic plants
  • Adds weights to pots & containers
  • Improves drainage
  • Decorative finish for pots and containers

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