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First Aid Kits

Brand: Portwest Model: 132110
This Kit Is Supplied In A Clearly Identifiable Package That Is Always At Hand For Emergencies. Packed With Essential First Aid Items That Are Likely To Be Needed Quickly...
Excl. VAT€23.98
Brand: Portwest Model: 132108
This Kit Is Supplied In A Compact Soft, Zip Up Case Which Is Suitable For Packing Away Into Small Spaces...
Excl. VAT€10.29
Brand: Portwest Model: 132109
This Travel Kit Provides Your First Aid Essentials. It Is Designed To Treat And Manage Most Minor Injuries...
Excl. VAT€13.62
Brand: Portwest Model: 132107
This Kit Is Ideal For Workplace Environments With A Larger Number Of Employees. The Contents Are Up To Date In Accordance With The Latest Standard And Allow Employers To Demonstrate And Comply With Safety And Legal Obligations...
Excl. VAT€52.81
Brand: Portwest Model: 132105
This Bs Compliant First Aid Kit Is Ideal For Small Or Low Risk Workplaces Such As Offices Or Shops. Complete With A Wall Bracket, The Kit Contains All The Necessary Items Needed To Carry Out Basic First Aid Including Sterile Plasters, Dressings, Bandages And Much More...
Excl. VAT€24.80
Brand: Portwest Model: 132106
This First Aid Kit Is Designed For Medium Risk Workplaces Such As Offices, Warehouses Or Factories. Contained In A Handy Robust Green Box With Carrying Handle And Wall Bracket, The Dressings Are All Individually Wrapped And Sterile...
Excl. VAT€43.05
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