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Model: S5168
Reliable, Great Value Handsaw.handsaw For Medium Thick Wood. Hardpoint, Universal Bevel Ground Teeth For Cutting Along, As Well As Across The Grain.screwed Plastic Handle...
Excl. VAT€11.34
Model: S46142
A Fleam-toothed Toolbox Saw With Very Fine Teeth For Smooth Sawing In A Wide Variety Of Materials, Including Aluminium, Plastics, Laminates, Wood And Chipboard. Comes With Plastic Guard.screwed Plastic Handle...
Excl. VAT€18.29
Brand: Faithfull Model: S36911
Excellent Value 12" Hacksaw And 6" Hacksaw Set..
Excl. VAT€14.59
Brand: Draper Model: 130553
Draper Venom 550mm 12ppi Hp Hand Saw..
Excl. VAT€7.93
Model: S67556
Bi-material Handle Screwed And Ultrasonically Welded For Comfort And Security teeth Are Precision Set To Generate Clearance Of A Slit For The Blade To Cut On Both The Forward And Back Stroke Increasing Cutting Efficiency By 30%3 Sided Precision Ground Teeth Offer Razor Sharp Cutting Edges At Every S..
Excl. VAT€13.54
Brand: Stanley Model: S67555
Triple Edged Teeth Make Sawing Easier. Bi-material Handle Screwed And Ultrasonically Welded For Comfort And Security. Gives A Fine Finish For All Wood Types, Laminates, Plastic And Pvc Pipe..
Excl. VAT€13.54
Model: S9535
Reinforcing Rib Adds Rigidity And Allows For A Straighter Cut. Ergonomic Grip Makes For More Comfortable Usetripled Edge Teeth Make Sawing Easier For Mitre Joints, Architrave, Coving And Beading..
Excl. VAT€11.79
Model: S69330
Professional Quality. Rubber Grip Handle For Exta Control And Comfort. Adjustable Locking Handle. Screw Opertated Tensioner...
Excl. VAT€12.40
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