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Expanding Foam

Brand: Tec 7 Model: S14181
The B2 Fire Rated Expanding Foam That Stops Expanding When It Meets Resistance. Suitable For A Wide Variety Of Mounting And Insulation Jobs...
Excl. VAT€11.53
Brand: Bostik Model: S7430
Easy To Use Expanding Foam Filler Seals, Fills, Bonds And Insulates Big Gaps Inside And Outside. Once Set The Foam Can Be Sanded, Plastered Or Painted..
Excl. VAT€9.34
Brand: Bostik Model: S53146
The Evo-stik System C Cleaner Is A Specialist Cleaner For System G Guns...
Excl. VAT€15.29
Brand: Bostik Model: S42373
Evo Stick System Foam Kit Works By Reacting With Moisture. It Has Excellent Adhesion To Many Building Materials Including Wood, Aluminium, Brick, Upvc And Concrete..
Excl. VAT€76.57
Brand: Bostik Model: S15611
This Is A Metal Gun To Apply The Expanding Foam. It's Strong And Durable...
Excl. VAT€26.82
Brand: Bostik Model: S65557
Fire Resistant Expanding Foam Suitable For Filling Gaps Between Doors And Windows..
Excl. VAT€18.72
Brand: Geocel Model: S25587
The Geocel Great Stuff Foam Fixer Is Easy To Use, Fast Drying And Low Expansion Foam. It Is Ideal For Fixing Window And Door Frames...
Excl. VAT€9.35
Brand: Geocel Model: S25574
A High Performance, Polyurethane Foam That Seals, Fills And Bonds And Insulates Most Construction Materials. It Cures To Form A Tough, Resilient And Long Lasting Semi-rigid Cellular Structure That Can Be Cut, Sawn, Sanded, Painted Or Plastered Over After Application...
Excl. VAT€13.21
Brand: Geocel Model: S2878
Quick And Easy To Use It Is Ideal For Fixing Plasterboard, Insulation Board And Most Common Building Substrates...
Excl. VAT€10.98
Brand: Sika Model: S50899
Firefoam B1 Gun Grade Is A Quick-setting Fire Rated, One Part Polyurethane Foam. It Expands On Application To Yield Up To 50 Times The Can Contents And Meets The Extremely Stringent Requirements Of The Text Criteria Din 4102 Part 1 For Construction Materials, Class B1 And Bs 476 Part 20. Fire Rated ..
Excl. VAT€13.18
Brand: Sika Model: S45969
Sika Thermofoam Gives An Air Tight Seal To Reduce Heat Loss And Improve Energy Efficiency In Buildings...
Excl. VAT€11.53
Brand: Soudal Model: 127882
Airtight Acoustic And Thermal Insulation Foam. Gun Grade. Recommended For Filling Gaps Around High Energy Rated Windows & Doors. Seals Gaps Where An Improved Thermal And Acoustic Seal Is Required...
Excl. VAT€11.34
Brand: Bostik Model: S23928
Gun Applied Expanding Foam For All Kinds Of Small Gaps Or Breakthroughs In Walls..
Excl. VAT€11.03
Brand: Tec 7 Model: S14182
The B1 Fire Rated Gun Grade Expanding Foam That Stops Expanding When It Meets Resistance. Fast Curing And Permanently Flexible. Suitable For A Wide Variety Of Mounting And Insulation Jobs. Ideal For Mounting Doors, Window Frames, Panels And More...
Excl. VAT€13.21
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