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SIKA Building Products

Brand: Sika Model: B2485
Sikalastic 1k Is A High Quality, Fibre-reinforced Waterproofing Mortar Delivered To You By The World?s Leader In Waterproofing Solutions. With Special Alkali-resistant Polymers And Waterproofing Additives, Sikalastic 1k Is A Highly Flexible Mortar With Exceptional Crack-bridging Properties. Ideal..
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Brand: Everbuild Model: B7066
Evercryl Is A Resin Based, Fibre Reinforced Roof Repair Compound Which Is Effective On All Common Roofing Surfaces, Giving Instant Roof Repairs Even In The Wet And On Wet Surfaces. May Also Be Applied In Frosty Conditions Down To -5 Degrees Celcius. Evercryl Is Instantly Waterproof When Applied, The..
Excl. VAT€57.15
Brand: Sika Model: B7067
Evercryl Is A Resin Based, Fibre Reinforced Roof Repair Compound Which Is Effective On All Common Roofing Surfaces, Giving Instant Roof Repairs Even In The Wet And On Wet Surfaces. May Also Be Applied In Frosty Conditions Down To -5?c. Evercryl Is Instantly Waterproof When Applied, There Is No Fear ..
Excl. VAT€57.15
Brand: Sika Model: B7401
Jetcem Waterproofing Rapid Setting Cement Is A Cement Based Mix, Formulated Specifically For Water Resistance And Is Designed To Set Hard In About 30 Minutes.used For Repairs To Cracks And Holes In Structures Subject To Permanent Water Immersion, Patching Repairs To Tanking & Water Retaining Structu..
Excl. VAT€6.83
Brand: Sika Model: S1959
Sika-1 Waterproofer Is An Aqueous Solution Containing Complex Colloidal Silicates. In The Presence Of Water These Swell And Block The Capillaries And Pores In The Applied Sand/cement Renders, Screeds And Mortar To Provide An Effective Barrier Against The Transmission Of Liquid Water...
Excl. VAT€54.59
Brand: Sika Model: B1635
Sika-2 Water Plug Is A Ready To Use Very Rapid Setting Leak Stopping Liquid Which Is Mixed With Ordinary Portland Cement To Produce A Paste For Immediate Leak Sealing Against High Water Pressure Infiltration. Used To Quickly Seal Cracks, Fissures And Holes In Concrete, Rock Or Masonry Where There Is..
Excl. VAT€62.76
Brand: Sika Model: S1960
Sika-4a Waterstop Is A Ready To Use Quick Setting Leak Stopping Liquid Which Is Mixed With Water And Ordinary Portland Cement To Produce A Paste For Leak Stopping Against High Water Pressure Infiltration. When Mixed With Ordinary Portland Cement And Water, It Sets Rapidly To Seal Areas Of Severe Wat..
Excl. VAT€59.71
Brand: Sika Model: S8693
A Ready To Use Dustproofer And Concrete Surface Hardener For Concrete Floors, Paths, Driveways Etc. It Forms Hard Insoluble Crystals Binding Together The Particles And Sealing The Surface To Form Hard Impermeable Non-dusting Concrete And Paving...
Excl. VAT€24.76
Brand: Sika Model: S50899
Firefoam B1 Gun Grade Is A Quick-setting Fire Rated, One Part Polyurethane Foam. It Expands On Application To Yield Up To 50 Times The Can Contents And Meets The Extremely Stringent Requirements Of The Text Criteria Din 4102 Part 1 For Construction Materials, Class B1 And Bs 476 Part 20. Fire Rated ..
Excl. VAT€13.62
Brand: Sika Model: S8695
Sika Monotop - 110 Quickfix Mortar Is A Ready To Use (just Add Water), Quick Setting Mortar, Based On Special Cements. It Contains Selected Aggregates And Admixtures For Improved Properties. Specially Designed For All Those Works Where A Rapid Setting Mortar Is Needed, E.g: Fixing Of Brackets, Plugs..
Excl. VAT€16.22
Brand: Sika Model: B2917
Sika Monotop -112 Multiuse Repair Mortar Is A Ready To Use ( Just Add Water), Top Quality, General Purpose Mortar, Based On Special Cements And Selected Aggregates. It Contains Silica Fume, Synthetic Microfibres And Admixtures For Improved Properties. Formerly Known As Sika Minipack Concrete Repair ..
Excl. VAT€15.33
Brand: Sika Model: S10445
Dilute, Spray And Walk Away, Sika Mould Buster Kills And Removes Mould And Algae Within A Few Days Of Application. Sika Mould Buster Will Clean The Exposed Surfaces In The Following Weeks And Help To Prevent Re-growth. Ideal For Use On Areas Such As Patios, Driveways, Fences, Roofs, Brickwork, Mason..
Excl. VAT€46.95
Model: B6665
5kg Sika Mouldable Firebrick..
Excl. VAT€24.72
Brand: Sika Model: S8694
A Ready To Use Formwork Release Agent Suitable For Mould And Shutter Faces Prior To Casting Concrete In Order To Achieve A Clean Release After Removal Of Formwork. The Resultant Concrete Has A Smooth Uniform Finish With Reduced Incidence Of Blow Holes. As A Sprayable/brushable Release Agent For Smoo..
Excl. VAT€31.42
Brand: Sika Model: S47982
Sikabond Rapid Dpm Is A Solvent Free, Single Part Moisture Curing Reaction Polyurethane Primer And Damp Proof Membrane For Cement Based Substrates. For Priming, Consolidating And Sealing Of: Absorbent And Non-absorbent Sub-floors, Consolidating Weak Cement Screed And Isolation Of Old Adhesive Residu..
Excl. VAT€98.17
Brand: Sika Model: S46424
Sikadur 33 Is A Two Component, Solvent Free, Cold Cure, Thixotropic Epoxy Resin Structural Adhesive And Repair Mortar. It Is Supplied In A Cartridge With An In-line Mixer Tip And Is Designed For Application Using A Geared Sealant Gun. Can Be Used As A Structural Adhesive, For Concrete Repairs Interi..
Excl. VAT€21.83
Brand: Sika Model: B1586
A One Part Solvent Based Water Repellent Impregnation For Absorbent Cementitious Substrates. It Penetrates Well Into The Open Pores Of The Substrate, Providing Durable Water Repellency, While Still Allowing Water Vapour Diffusion In Bothdirections. Sikagard?-700 S Complies With The Requirements Of E..
Excl. VAT€96.06
Brand: Sika Model: S46420
Sikamur Injectocream-100 Is A New Concept For The Control Of Rising Damp. Sikamur Injectocream-100 Is A Water Repellent Cream In A 300 Ml Cartridge. It Is Inserted Into A Series Of Holes Drilled Into A Mortar Course Of The Masonry By Means Of A Simple Application Gun - No Special Injection Pump Requ..
Excl. VAT€20.45
Brand: Sika Model: S45969
Sika Thermofoam Gives An Air Tight Seal To Reduce Heat Loss And Improve Energy Efficiency In Buildings...
Excl. VAT€11.91
Brand: Sika Model: S1961
Sikabond Sbr+ Is A One Component, Water Based, General Purpose, Styrene Butadiene Rubber Emulsion Bonding Agent And Mortar Admixture. When Diluted With Water It Produces A Gauging Solution For Improving Adhesion, Workability And Waterproofing Of Mortars And Cementitious Mixes. For Use As An Admixtur..
Excl. VAT€50.33
Brand: Sika Model: B6667
Concrete Reinforcing Fibres And Powder Mixture Minimises Cracking And Shrinkage. Combines With Concrete Mixture To Provide An Enhanced Strength Finished Product. Ideal For Use On Internal Floor Slabs, Garages Or Shed Bases, Driveways And Paths, Underground Construction And Imprinted Concrete Drivew..
Excl. VAT€4.92
Brand: Sika Model: B2914
Sikaflex Ebt+ Is A Multi-purpose One Part, Elastic, Polyurethane Adhesive And Sealant. It Bonds To All Common Building Materials, Is Permanently Elastic And Has Excellent Grab And Gap Filling Properties. This Makes It Ideal For Use In A Wide Range Of Building And Maintenance Situations, Such As Bond..
Excl. VAT€10.89
Brand: Sika Model: B3498
Sikagrout 111 Gp Is A One Part Flowable Shrinkage Compensated General Purpose Cementitious Grout. Colour: Grey..
Excl. VAT€25.57