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Controls & Valves

Model: P12008
Designed For Use In Heating Systems And For Cold Water Only. The System Should Be Fused To No More Than 3 Amps...
Excl. VAT€50.81
Model: P13306
Eph Controls T27 2 Channel Time Clock..
Excl. VAT€71.34
Model: P14152
Eph Controls 3/4"" Motorised Valve3 Port..
Excl. VAT€69.92
Brand: Eph Controls Model: P5628
Eph Contrcols Actuator A1p..
Excl. VAT€51.63
Model: P4670
For Use To Control The Temperature In Pipes And Cylinders. Can Be Attached To The Pipe Of Cylinder...
Excl. VAT€14.63
Brand: Grundfos Model: P748
Positive Head Shower Booster Pump For Boosting Water Pressure - Typically For A Shower. Offers Improved Efficiency & Low Noise Levels. Ideal Where Plumbing Route Includes Multiple Bends And Elbows...
Excl. VAT€169.42
Model: P978
Angle Nickel Lockshield & Wheelhead Pair For 1/2"" Irish Copper..
Excl. VAT€11.79
Model: P13726
Sauter T37 3 Channel Time Clock..
Excl. VAT€153.66
Model: P12409
Thermostatic Radiator Valve Complete With Lockshield. Brass Construction. Designed To European Standard En215...
Excl. VAT€10.37
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