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Pots & Pans

Model: 123352
28cm Splatter Guard..
Excl. VAT€2.77
Brand: Prestige Model: S78369
The Prestige Steamer Is Made From Quality Stainless Steel And A Heat Toughened Glass Lid. It Also Has A Durable Stainless Steel Handles. It Is Suitable For Types Of Cookers Including Induction Hobs...
Excl. VAT€37.15
Brand: Steelux Model: S21774
Steelux 16cm Saucepan W/lid..
Excl. VAT€17.03
Brand: Steelux Model: S21775
Steelux 18cm Saucepan W/lid..
Excl. VAT€20.28
Brand: Steelux Model: S19359
Steelux 20cm 2 Tier Steamer Set..
Excl. VAT€38.97
Brand: Steelux Model: S19360
Steelux 20cm 3 Tier Steamer Set..
Excl. VAT€52.85
Brand: Steelux Model: S21756
Steelux 20cm Bellied Steamer..
Excl. VAT€18.29
Brand: Steelux Model: S21776
Steelux 20cm Saucepan W/lid..
Excl. VAT€23.54
Brand: Steelux Model: 123363
Steelux 24cm 2 Tier Steamer Set..
Excl. VAT€47.89
Brand: Steelux Model: S47690
Steelux 24cm Casserole Dish & Lid..
Excl. VAT€32.48
Brand: Steelux Model: S47689
Steelux 26cm S/steel Stockpot..
Excl. VAT€43.05
Brand: Steelux Model: S16844
This 30cm Stainless Steel Stockpot Is Ideal For Cooking Large Stew Or Soups...
Excl. VAT€48.74
Brand: Steelux Model: 123346
Steelux Milk Saucepan 6in..
Excl. VAT€7.40
Brand: Steelux Model: 123365
Oven Chip Tray 15"..
Excl. VAT€7.40
Brand: Steelux Model: S21755
Steelux Steamer 24cm..
Excl. VAT€23.53
Model: S49989
Tefal Expertise Features The Patented Thermo-spot Technology That Goes Solid Red When The Perfect Cooking Temperature Is Reached, Ensuring Your Food Is Never Cooked Too Cool Or Too Hot...
Excl. VAT€34.92
Model: S27549
Cook Up A Feast With Ease Reinforced Non-stick Coating Enhances Cooking Performance. The Non-stick Exterior Makes Pan Easy To Clean. The Anti Warp Base Increases Longevity Optimal Heat Diffusion Base...
Excl. VAT€21.10
Model: S22289
Reinforced Non-stick Coating Enhances Cooking Performance.the Non-stick Exterior Makes Pan Easy To Cleanthe Anti Warp Base Increases Longevity..
Excl. VAT€21.10
Model: S27548
Tefal Only Cook Non-stick Pans: The Most Competitive All-hobs-except-induction Range That's Easy To Use Everyday! Tefal Only Cook Kitchen Pans Offer Beginners An Easy-to-use All-hobs-except-induction Range With Full Featuresand Benefits, Including Thermo-spot Technology N Ew Easy-to-clean Powerglide..
Excl. VAT€16.22
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