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Kitchen Utensils

Model: 123352
28cm Splatter Guard..
Excl. VAT€2.77
Model: 115495
This Elite Bottle Opener Has A Slip Free Handle Providing You With A Soft, Cool And Confident Grip...
Excl. VAT€5.89
Brand: Clever Cook Model: 123353
This 4 Sided 9" Grater Comes With A Comfortable Handle And A Silicone Base To Stop It From Sliding And Scratching The Work Surface...
Excl. VAT€4.09
Model: S22369
Dunlevy 20cm Wire Strainer..
Excl. VAT€2.64
Model: S18821
Dunlevy Potato Masher..
Excl. VAT€4.27
Model: S25495
With This Garlic Press You Can Press The Garlic Into Small Fragments For Easy Cooking...
Excl. VAT€2.92
Brand: Kitchen Devil Model: S71574
Kitchen Devil Cooks Knife..
Excl. VAT€13.78
Brand: Kitchen Devil Model: S71576
Kitchen Devil Lifestyle Kitchen Knife..
Excl. VAT€9.35
Brand: Kitchen Devil Model: S71573
Kitchen Devil Meat & Bread Knife..
Excl. VAT€13.78
Brand: Kitchen Devil Model: S71577
Kitchen Devil Multi-purpose Knife..
Excl. VAT€7.72
Brand: Kitchen Devil Model: S71575
Kitchen Devil Utility Knife..
Excl. VAT€9.35
Brand: Prestige Model: 118545
The Prestige Ladle Is Made With A Strong Nylon Body And A Heat Resistance Head. It Also Has A Soft Grip Handle. It Suitable For Use With Non-stick Cookware And Is Also Dishwasher Safe...
Excl. VAT€5.49
Brand: Prestige Model: 118542
The Prestige Solid Spoon Has Been Created With Strong And Durable Nylon. It Also Has A Heat Resistant Head And A Soft Grip Handle...
Excl. VAT€5.49
Brand: Prestige Model: 118533
Prestige Traditional Peeler..
Excl. VAT€4.72
Brand: Prestige Model: 118527
The Prestige Whisk Is Made From A Durable Stainless Steel. It Is Also Heat Resistance And Dishwasher Safe. It Comes With A Soft Grip Nylon Handle With Features A Loop For Easy Hanging..
Excl. VAT€6.30
Brand: Prestige Model: 118532
This Prestige Y Peeler Is Made With A Soft Grip Handle For A Comfortable Grip...
Excl. VAT€4.72
Model: 130545
190mm, 215mm And 245mm. Scissors. Ideal For A Range Of Basic Household Tasks..
Excl. VAT€12.60
Model: 123356
This Waiter Corkscrew Comes Complete With A Knife And A Cap Lifter Making It The Ideal Corkscrew To Have At Home...
Excl. VAT€3.10
Model: 123355
This Wingedcorkscrew Is Made With Stainless Steel And Is A Heavy Duty Corkscrew. It Also Has A Reliable Mechanism..
Excl. VAT€5.74
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