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Model: S37948
Ei Fire Blanket- For Domestic Use With Small Clothing And Kitchen Fires..
Excl. VAT€20.32
Model: S37947
Ei Fire Carbon Monoxide Alarm..
Excl. VAT€26.01
Model: S37949
Ei Sk Fire Extinguisher Is Easy To Use At Only 600g Using A Trigger System. Ideal For Helping To Control And Extinguish Small Fires..
Excl. VAT€17.07
Brand: Proplus Model: 126593
This Home Fire Safety Kit Includes A 1kg Multi-purpose Fire Extinguisher And A 1m X 1m Fire Blanket...
Excl. VAT€31.67
Model: S37867
Ei Single Standard Smoke Alarm..
Excl. VAT€6.50
Model: S37944
Ei Smoke Alarm With 10 Year Battery..
Excl. VAT€34.14
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