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Brand: Unichem Model: 126059
Compost Converter 220 Litre..
Excl. VAT€22.72
Brand: Carbery Model: S38046
Unique Rotary Action Speeds Up The Composting Process. Excellent Build Quality That Is The Be Expected With The Carbery Brand Name. Rodent Resistant Design And No Assembly Required Makes This Composter The Ideal Stress Free Option For Amateur Gardeners...
Excl. VAT€78.82
Brand: Garland Model: S51424
This Composter Has A 330ltr Capacity And Comes Complete With A Push-fit Windproof Lid And Removable Front Hatch.the Composter Is Made From Recycled Plastic And Comes With A 5 Year Guarantee...
Excl. VAT€37.36
Brand: Garotta Model: 124430
Speeds Up The Natural Composting Process. Provides Food To Promote Bacterial Growth To Encourage The Temperature To Rise, Kill Of Weed Seeds And Hasten The Production Of Rich, Dark Crumbly Compost...
Excl. VAT€6.46
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