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Model: B339
100 Litre Galvanised Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow With Pumped Wheel...
Excl. VAT€48.74
Model: B1166
85 Litre Galvanised Wheelbarrow With Pumped Wheel...
Excl. VAT€43.50
Model: S26009
Universal Fit, Flat Free Wheelbarrow Replacement Wheel. Provides An Air Like Ride But Can Withstand All The Common Objects That Would Typically Cause Flats...
Excl. VAT€40.61
Brand: Keter Model: S39649
Durable Yet Lightweight, The Easy Go Breeze Cart Is Made Out Of A Strong Resin From Recycled Materials. It Can Be Used Both Indoors And Outdoors And Has A 50 L Capacity, Which Makes It Big Enough To Move Serious Loads While Still Being Easy To Maneuver...
Excl. VAT€29.39
Brand: Basta Model: S22273
Pumped Replacement Wheelbarrow Wheel. Can Also Be Used On Boat Trailers Etc...
Excl. VAT€21.10
Brand: Q Garden Model: 139643
150kg Load Capacity Towing Cart With Pneumatic Tyres And 100kg Tipping Capacity. Ideal For Any Job Around The Garden...
Excl. VAT€65.00
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