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Axes & Hatchets

Brand: Tala Tools Model: S17360
A Professional Quality Hickory Handled Hatchet...
Excl. VAT€9.35
Brand: Tala Tools Model: S88759
A Professional Quality Fibreglass Handled Felling Axe...
Excl. VAT€25.08
Brand: Tala Tools Model: S5197
A Professional Quality Felling Axe With A Long Hickory Handle...
Excl. VAT€28.42
Brand: Tala Tools Model: S36061
Made From High Carbon Steel, This Wood Bomb Splits Logs Four Ways Simultaneously...
Excl. VAT€16.22
Brand: Tala Tools Model: S43940
Made From Forged Steel, This Mattock Head Accepts Standard Pick Axe Shafts...
Excl. VAT€17.85
Brand: Tala Tools Model: S88761
Hardened And Tempered, Rolled Forged Alloy Steel Pick With Shock Absorbing Fibreglass Shaft And Hi-grip Rubber Handle...
Excl. VAT€24.19
Brand: Tala Tools Model: S49140
A Professional Quality Hickory Handled Splitting Maul...
Excl. VAT€35.97
Brand: Tala Tools Model: S5236
Solid Forged Chisel & Point Pick Head...
Excl. VAT€15.04
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