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Artificial Plants & Topiary

Brand: Smart Garden Products Model: S48217
30cm Pink Rose Ball..
Excl. VAT€16.49
Brand: Smart Garden Products Model: S48218
30cm White Rose Ball..
Excl. VAT€16.49
Model: S27965
Artificial Grass 1 Metre By 4 Metres...
Excl. VAT€56.87
Model: S43979
The Perfect Foundation For Any Floral Design...
Excl. VAT€1.61
Model: 120442
Artificial Topiary Ball With Leaf Effect. Uv And Weather Resistant. Comes With Removable Galvanised Chain...
Excl. VAT€15.44
Model: S48918
Wonderwall Laurel Leaf Trellis 1m X 2m..
Excl. VAT€51.18
Model: S48917
Wonderwall Red Acer Trellis 1m X 2m..
Excl. VAT€44.68
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