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Fire Starting

Brand: Flamers Model: B7026
3kg Bag Of Kiln-dried Kindling...
Excl. VAT€2.60
Brand: Flamers Model: B7317
4 X 3kg Bags Of Kiln Dired Kindling For 10 Euro..
Excl. VAT€8.81
Brand: Zip Model: B7314
The Starterlog Is Convenient To Use, Mess And Hassle Free. This 100% Natural Firelog Burns For Up To 90 Minutes With No Need For Additional Firelighters, Paper Or Kindling. Simply Light The Wrapper And After 20 Minutes Add Fuel For A Warm Cosy Fire. Ideal For An Instant And Ambient Fire At The End O..
Excl. VAT€1.31
Model: B2951
High Performance Original Firelighters..
Excl. VAT€5.24
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