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Electric Blanket

Model: S36140
Quilted Double Underblanket With Two Heat Settings. Warms Up In 30 Minutes...
Excl. VAT€56.87
Brand: Imetec Model: S36141
This Express Fleece Underblanket From Imetec Will Guarantee You A Warm And Cosy Nights Rest. 5 Minute Heat Up Time..
Excl. VAT€69.07
Brand: Imetec Model: S36143
A Larger, More Comfortable Fleece Mattress Cover That Responds To Temperature Changes While You Sleep...
Excl. VAT€97.52
Model: S36003
Imetec Double Overblanket 16030..
Excl. VAT€97.52
Model: S36142
Intellisense Underblanket Responds To Temperature Changes While You Sleep - Maintaining The Same Level Of Comfot All Through The Night...
Excl. VAT€73.13
Model: S36139
High Quality Machine Washable Quilted Electric Underblanket...
Excl. VAT€40.61
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