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Electric Radiators

Brand: De Vielle Model: S39438
2000w Energy Efficient Oil Filled Radiator With Adjustable Thermostat And 3 Heat Settings (800w, 1200w And 2000w)...
Excl. VAT€52.81
Brand: De Vielle Model: S50823
Retro Style Black Convector Heater With Turbo Fan And 24 Hour Timer. Option Of 2 Heat Settings, 1250w Or 2000w...
Excl. VAT€47.93
Brand: De Vielle Model: S50824
2000w Retro Style Convector Heater With Turbo Fan And 24 Hour Timer. Options Of 1250w Or 2000w Heat Outputs...
Excl. VAT€48.74
Brand: De Vielle Model: S45800
This Compact Mini Oil Fill Radiator Is Ideal For Home Use Especially Where Space Is At A Premium, Its Small Dimensions And Light Weight Mean It Can Be Easily Moved Around The Home As Required. The 5 Fin Radiator Features An Adjustable Thermostat Allowing For Precise Heat Control From The Ample 500w ..
Excl. VAT€25.98
Brand: De Vielle Model: S47498
The Devielle Classic 7 Fin Oil Radiator Is Energy Effeicent. It Comes With An Adjustable Thermostat And 3 Heat Settings, (600w, 900w And 1500w). It Also Has A Safety Overheat Protection...
Excl. VAT€47.11
Brand: Devielle Model: S18669
2500w Energy Efficient Oil Filled Radiator With 24 Hour Timer, Asjustable Thermostat And 3 Heat Settings (1000w, 1500w And 2500w)...
Excl. VAT€65.85
Brand: Dimplex Model: S85658
This 40 Series Convector Heater Features A 2kw Heat Output And Is Controlled Via A Thermostat With Frost Setting. It Has Super Fast Warm Up And Is Near Silent In Operation. It Is Ideal For Heating Medium Sized Rooms...
Excl. VAT€40.61
Brand: Dimplex Model: S51199
2000w Oil Free Electric Column Radiator With Thermostatic Control And Two Heat Settings...
Excl. VAT€73.13
Brand: Glen Model: S23789
This 2kw Convector Radiator From Glen Can Be Freestanding Or Mounted On A Wall. Comes With Thermostat With Frost Settings...
Excl. VAT€32.48
Brand: Winterwarm Model: S85709
A 1500w Oil Filled Radiator With 3 Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat And Overheating Protection. 230-240v..
Excl. VAT€40.61
Model: S14846
Dimpco Wrc20 Winterwarm 2kw Oil Rad..
Excl. VAT€48.74
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