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Model: B3322
Primed Mdf Moulded Skirting 14.5x145mm 5.4mtr..
Excl. VAT€11.06
Brand: Balcas Model: B3085
Balcas 144mm*18mm Primed Skirting 5.4m (bk188)..
Excl. VAT€18.82
Brand: Balcas Model: B3323
Primed Mdf Skirting/architrave 14.5x70mm 5.4mtr..
Excl. VAT€7.64
Brand: Balcas Model: B4627
Primed Mdf Skirting/architrave 14.5x95mm 5.4mtr..
Excl. VAT€9.23
Brand: Balcas Model: B4529
Primed Mdf Skirting/architrave 18 X 70mm 5.4mtr..
Excl. VAT€10.49
Brand: Deanta Model: B4817
Primed Georgian Skirting..
Excl. VAT€10.53
Brand: Deanta Model: B1923
Solid Fsc Certified Board Core. Primed..
Excl. VAT€10.53
Model: B1629
Deanta Shaker Paint Grade Skirting 12ft..
Excl. VAT€10.53
Brand: Deanta Model: B1274
Deanta Ulysses Skirting Paint Gade..
Excl. VAT€10.53
Model: B1267
Victoriana Primed Skirting Board Comes In 5.4m Lengths And Is 180mm In Height...
Excl. VAT€16.39
Brand: Deanta Model: B4962
5.4m X 220mm X 18mm..
Excl. VAT€23.58
Model: B1375
Mdf Primed Heel Block 150x75x25..
Excl. VAT€3.06
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