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Oak Frames

Brand: Deanta Model: B4542
All Deanta Door Frames Are Made From Solid Wood...
Excl. VAT€52.85
Brand: Agnew Model: S38143
Solid White Oak Pre-varnished Rebated Door Frame Set 40mm. Comes Ready-sanded And Varnished, Ready For Fitting...
Excl. VAT€142.28
Brand: Agnew Model: S38142
Solid White Oak Pre-finished Rebated Door Frame Set 51mm. Comes Ready Sanded And Varnished, Ready For Fitting...
Excl. VAT€78.91
Brand: Whiteriver Model: B1018
Solid Pre-finished White Oak Door Frame Set 5 1/4"..
Excl. VAT€64.63
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