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 2m length of Hychair is suitable for ground floor slabs as it's unique shape makes it unlikely to puncture any damp proof membranes

Model: B2677
A150 X 2m Hychair Per Length..
Excl. VAT€2.65
Model: B2676
A50 X 2m Hychair Per Length..
Excl. VAT€2.36
Model: B4106
A65 X 2m Hychair Per Length..
Excl. VAT€2.41
Model: B2876
Brc A105 X 2m Hychairs Per Length..
Excl. VAT€2.52
Model: B6931
These Fibre-reinforced Concrete Spacers Are Suitable For Horizontal Applications. Usually Used With Mesh And Loose Bar Reinforcement. Also Known As A Concrete Mars Bar...
Excl. VAT€2.07
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