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Twinwall Fittings

Please note: We carry a small amount of stock of the Twinwall fittings but these can be ordered in as required.

Brand: Jfc Model: B1602
150mm Twin Wall Coupler..
Excl. VAT€2.85
Brand: Jfc Model: B4418
225/150tt90 225mm To 150mm Twinwall 90 Deg Tee..
Excl. VAT€39.67
Brand: Jfc Model: B4416
225tb45 225mm Twinwall 45 Deg Bend..
Excl. VAT€31.43
Brand: Jfc Model: B4417
225tb90 225mm Twinwall 90 Deg Bend..
Excl. VAT€40.96
Brand: Jfc Model: B4406
225mm Twinwall Coupler..
Excl. VAT€4.02
Brand: Jfc Model: B4407
225mm Twinwall Seal..
Excl. VAT€2.03
Brand: Jfc Model: B4420
300tb45 300mm Twinwall 45 Deg Bend..
Excl. VAT€69.16
Brand: Jfc Model: B4421
300tb90 300mm Twinwall 90deg Bend..
Excl. VAT€85.07
Brand: Jfc Model: B4408
300mm Twinwall Coupler..
Excl. VAT€6.10
Brand: Jfc Model: B4409
300mm Twinwall Seal..
Excl. VAT€3.21
Brand: Jfc Model: B4410
375mm Twinwall Coupler..
Excl. VAT€14.59
Brand: Jfc Model: B4411
375mm Twinwall Seal..
Excl. VAT€4.84
Brand: Jfc Model: B2416
450mm Ring Seal For Twinwall Stoemwater Pipe..
Excl. VAT€5.65
Brand: Jfc Model: B4060
6 Insitutious Seal""..
Excl. VAT€28.46
Brand: Jfc Model: B2473
Seals Ensure A Waterproof And Secure Connection And Are Supplied As Standard With Jfc Unperforated Corripipe..
Excl. VAT€1.22
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