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6" Orange Sewer Fittings

Model: B3356
Uponor 6 45d Long Radius Bend""..
Excl. VAT€35.57
Model: B114
6" Branch 2 Socket 87.5d..
Excl. VAT€8.87
Brand: Cork Plastic Model: B106
6 Double Coupler..
Excl. VAT€5.09
Model: B3200
6 Double Repair Coupler""..
Excl. VAT€4.75
Model: B126
6 Soc L Radius Bend 90d"..
Excl. VAT€23.94
Brand: Cork Plastic Model: B120
6" Plain Stopper - Blank..
Excl. VAT€8.78
Model: B107
Upon 6in Single Socket Bend 15d..
Excl. VAT€6.00
Model: B117
6" Straight Through Plus 45 Degree 6" To 4" Branch. Triple Socketed. For 6" To 4" Sewer Pipe...
Excl. VAT€10.14
Model: B111
6 Dbl Soc Bend 45d""..
Excl. VAT€7.01
Model: B112
6 Dbl Soc Bend 87.5d""..
Excl. VAT€13.38
Brand: Cork Plastic Model: B108
6 Single Socket Bend 30d""..
Excl. VAT€6.79
Model: B109
Upon 6in Single Socket Bend 45d..
Excl. VAT€6.48
Model: B110
Upn 6in Single Socket Bend 90d..
Excl. VAT€7.54
Brand: Cork Plastic Model: B115
6x4" Branch X 3sock 87.5d..
Excl. VAT€10.57
Model: B116
6x6" Branch 3 Socket 45d..
Excl. VAT€13.01
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