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Land Drain & Percolation

For the drainage of land where conditions are wet or boggy

Model: B1169
4" Percolation Pipe For Use In Septic Tank Systems..
Excl. VAT€22.79
Model: B4399
Ash/tech Distribution Box Riser - 7 Hole Polylok (16")..
Excl. VAT€33.40
Model: B4398
Ash/tech Distribution Box - 7 Hole Poly Loc Distribution Box..
Excl. VAT€77.24
Brand: Cork Plastic Model: B554
Cork Plastic Land Drain Pipe 60mm X 200m..
Excl. VAT€139.04
Brand: Cork Plastic Model: B555
Cork Plastic Land Drain Pipe 80mm X 100m..
Excl. VAT€85.97
Brand: Cork Plastic Model: B556
Cork Plastic Land Drain Coil 110mm X 50m..
Excl. VAT€76.61
Brand: Cork Plastic Model: B557
Cork Plastic Land Drain Pipe 160mm X 35m..
Excl. VAT€119.28
Brand: Cork Plastic Model: B558
Cork Plastic Land Drain Pipe Coil 200mm X 30m..
Excl. VAT€209.47
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