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Clay Pots & Flueliners


Model: B2032
Lagan Brick C2 Cannon Head 500mm..
Excl. VAT€85.00
Model: B301
8" Heat Resistant Clay Splayed Flue Liner. Flue Liner With Bend...
Excl. VAT€21.10
Model: B3187
Dublin Chimney Pot Head 600mm..
Excl. VAT€87.49
Model: B3703
Fluegatherer Plain..
Excl. VAT€30.58
Model: B3704
Fluegatherer With Lintel..
Excl. VAT€49.59
Model: B302
Flueliner 6 Straight..
Excl. VAT€9.94
Model: B300
8" Internal Diameter Flue Liner..
Excl. VAT€11.79
Model: B1249
Lagan Brick C6 Octagon 600mm..
Excl. VAT€140.00
Model: B1251
Lagan Brick C18 Rook Chimney Pot 500mm..
Excl. VAT€95.00
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