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Polythene DPM

Used to help prevent damp from rising up underneath concrete floors. Polythene comes in a range of gauges to suit each job.

Brand: Laydex Model: B462
500g Of Clear General Purpose Builders Film (15m X 3.5m)..
Excl. VAT€12.65
Brand: Laydex Model: B461
1000g General Purpose Builders Film (15m X 3.5m)..
Excl. VAT€16.49
Brand: Laydex Model: B463
Clear 1200g Membrane To Be Laid Under Concrete Floors To Prevent Moisture From Rising Up And Potentially Causing Damage To The Floor (15m X 3.5m)..
Excl. VAT€23.58
Brand: Laydex Model: B2755
500 Gauge Roll Of Clear Builders Film..
Excl. VAT€19.42
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