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Hardwood Faced Plywood

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Hardwood Faced Plywood offers a good quality faced veneer and poplar core which makes the plywood lighter than similar panels contructed from other hardwoods. The surface is great for painting and veneering.

Suitable for interior walls and floors, furniture, cabinets, doors, fixtures and many more domestic and DIY uses.
Brand: Rkl Plywood Model: B409
12mm Hardwood Faces Plywood (ce2+ En636-2)..
Excl. VAT€23.20
Brand: Rkl Plywood Model: B3491
18mm Hardwood Faced Plywood (ce2+ En636-2)..
Excl. VAT€27.46
Brand: Rkl Plywood Model: B1881
25mm Hardwood Faced Plywood ( Ce2+ En636-2)..
Excl. VAT€45.22
Brand: Rkl Plywood Model: B407
6mm Hardwood Faced Plywood (c2+ En636-2)..
Excl. VAT€15.19
Brand: Rkl Plywood Model: B408
9mm Hardwood Faced Plywood (ce2+ En636-2)..
Excl. VAT€20.28
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