Air Tight Plaster

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Gyproc Air Tight Plaster 25kg (4.5m2 Approx 6mm)

Parge Coat Plaster Formulated To Reduce Air Permeability And To Seal Background Surfaces. 25kg (4.5m..

€13.16 Excl. VAT
€16.19 Incl. VAT

Gyproc Hardcoat 25kg

Gyproc Hardcoat Plaster Is An Easy To Use Undercoat Plaster That Is A Faster Faster Alternative To S..

€10.10 Excl. VAT
€12.42 Incl. VAT

Soudatight Lq Brushable Airtight Membrane 5kg

Soudatight Lq Is A High-quality Fibre-reinforced Polymer Paste That Forms An Airtight And Vapour Imp..

€43.05 Excl. VAT
€52.95 Incl. VAT