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Foil Insulation

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Brand: Bostik Model: S44657
Bostik T303 Self-adhesive Bright Foil Tape Is A Market Leading Product For The Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning ( Hvac ) And Asbestos Abatement Sectors. With Bostik T303, Insulation Effifiency Is Maintained As The Self-adhesive Foil Tape Protects Against The Effects Of Fire, Moisture And Du..
Excl. VAT€12.19
Model: B2374
A Multipurpose Foil Insulation With Two Layers Of Bubble...
Excl. VAT€146.60
Brand: Komfort Model: B4481
A General Purpose Foil Insulation For Roof, Wall And Floor. Ideal For A New Build Or Renovation. Fully Tested...
Excl. VAT€117.89
Model: B4670
A General Purpose Foil Insulation For Roof, Wall And Floor. Can Also Be Used For Garden Sheds, Garage Doors, Dog Kennels And Behind Radiators. Ideal For A New Build Or Renovation...
Excl. VAT€59.34
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