Christmas Cheer Is All Around Us

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​Christmas Cheer is all around us!!


Here at M.D. O’Shea’s there is something for everyone – from the little ones in the family to the ‘official Christmas home decorator’! Where to start this Christmas??? Well, if there is some last minute painting to be done, there are some thematic colours for sale in the paint department, which can maybe offer you some inspiration if you are not sure what colour to go for! Christmas Wreath and Holly blue from Colourtrend, Winter Truffle from the Dulux Moda collection, or even Celebration Day from Fleetwood are some suggestions…



The Tree




The next consideration is of course the tree. Choose from a wide selection, such as the very realistic Ontario Fir 2.4m Christmas tree, or the great value Everlands Imperial christmas tree, or, my own favourite, the Matterhorn 8ft Christmas tree, which is adorned with real cones and clusters of bright red berries. Decorate the mantle with a garland, or wrap one around the banisters for a classy touch in the hallway.  There are pre-decorated garlands and wreaths , or plain artificial ones, which one can decorate with picks, baubles and, something which is very trendy this year, artificial seasonal flowers. Choose from hellebores, holly berries, hydrangea, anenomes…really, the only limitation is space!







Christmas is the one time of year we can really let go – because anything goes! A single colour palette is very eye catching, for example copper, silvers or green. This type of decorating works especially well when there are mainly adults in the house. It is chic, can complement your furnishings beautifully, and doesn’t tire. A single colour, such as magenta or teal, paired with whites, creams or metallics is also effective, especially if it is used throughout the house. The bright colour might tire after a number of years, but it is not such a big thing then to replace it with another! Of course, when there are children involved in the decorating there are really no limits! Homemade decorations are fun to make, using pinecones, felt and moving eyes, a whole host of characters can be created. Paper decorations are also fun to make, and making soldiers, snowmen and santas by painting wooden clothes pegs is great fun to do on those winter afternoons! (Yes, we sell clothes pegs too!)






The Crib remains an important feature of the home at Christmas time. We have some very nice Nativity sets for sale, or, if you are hoping to build one, there are plenty of building materials available!!!





















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