Autumn Gardening Jobs & Tips

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Autumn Gardening Jobs & Tips!


• Winter bedding is now available – so plant up containers and pots to keep everything cheerful this winter! Conifers such as Goldcrest and Elwoodiis are an excellent choice for a centrepiece, as are Cordylines, Phormiums and topiary plants such as Buxus and Bay laurels. Heathers give colour all winter, as do ornamental cabbages. Winter pansies, violas and Batchelor’s buttons are all in stock now, and will provide colour for months.Cyclamen are beautiful – but beware! They do not like getting too wet, so ideally use them in pots and window boxes which do not get too much rain.



• Bulbs provide a welcome splash of colour in the early Spring, at a time when things are looking grey and grim. Choose from our extensive range – tulips, daffs, crocus, snowdrops – to name but a few. Planting mixtures of different varieties can lead to stunning displays, in a pot, for example, plant in layers: tulips at the bottom, then daffs, hyacinth, crocus and anemones for a long-lasting pot of colour. In the garden plant bulbs in informal clusters of uneven numbers, to give a natural looking display. Alliums are particularly trendy at the moment, these ornamental onions are available in pinks, white and yellow.



• Pruning is one of those jobs which can give immense satisfaction. All old flower heads, the straggly growth of herbaceous plants and branches of unkempt shrubs can go into the compost heap. Compost bins are of absolute importance to the gardener – what better way to start a plant off than with your own compost - made from your own garden waste? If you are starting off the compost bin, using Garotta compost starter will help speed up the process. Pruning equiptment can be confusing for the new gardener, so here are a few guidelines: there are 2 types of secateurs, bypass and anvil. The anvil secateurs is used for dead wood, but the bypass secateurs can be used for live, as well as dead, wood. The hedge shears are used to prune large shrubs or hedges, but is best for soft or thin growth. Loppers are used to prune trees and thicker branches, and have long handles. These also come as anvil or bypass. Some of these are geared, these take the strain and strength needed out of the job, an excellent invention!



• As the days get shorter and wetter, moss will start to grow again. Treat paths before they get slippy, with a product such as Moss Buster 4-in-1. Try to keep fallen leaves off lawns, as they contribute to poor growth of grass and strong moss growth. A leaf blower makes the job easy – especially a cordless one such as the Stihl Cordless Blower



• Lawns benefit from a final treatment in the Autumn, with a product such as Hygeia Autumn Lawn Feed or Viano Green Comfort Recovery. These products both treat the roots of the grass, making the plant itself stronger for the winter. They do not cause excessive growth.



• Finally, if there are empty beds in your vegetable garden, consider sowing a green manure such as Winter rye or Red clover. These will prevent weeds from taking over, as well as enriching the soil with nitrogen. In the spring they can be cut down and dug into the soil, providing essential organic matter.


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