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Basin Traps & Wastes

Model: P533
1 1/4" P Trap Which Prevents Debris Drained From The Sink From Causing A Blockage. It Also Stops Sewer Gases From Entering Into The Home..
Excl. VAT€4.88
Model: P575
1 1/4" Bottle Trap. This Prevens Foul And Potentially Harmful Gases From Re-entering Our Home Through Our Drainage Pipes..
Excl. VAT€12.81
Model: P577
1 1/4" Pedestal Trap. It Traps Debris From The Sink And Prevents It From Clogging The Plumbing System..
Excl. VAT€15.57
Brand: Rt Large Model: P7724
Push Button Basin Click Waste...
Excl. VAT€11.38
Brand: Roca Model: P10402
Roca Standard Press Down Waste For Washbasin. D50010005..
Excl. VAT€16.49
Model: P2023
1 1/4" Running P Trap Which Enables The Removal And Re-distribution O Waste Water..
Excl. VAT€15.45
Model: P535
1 1/4" S Trap Water In The Trap Creates A Seal That Prevents Sewer Gas From Passing From The Drain Pipes Back Into The Occupied Space Of The Building..
Excl. VAT€7.28
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