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Concealed Showers

Model: P3438
Alto A4999aa Ecotherm Bar Type Exp Shower..
Excl. VAT€143.09
Brand: Aqualla Model: P15242
This Shower Comes With A 200mm Brass Drench Showerhead And A 3-function Shower Handset. Both The Showerhead And Handset Are Height Adjustable Even After Fitting...
Excl. VAT€590.91
Model: S2059
Flyer 13 Trevi Blend A4000aa Shwr Mxr Conc Cp Man..
Excl. VAT€142.28
Model: P7126
Grohe 1000 Bau G117686 Ev Shwr Set..
Excl. VAT€240.50
Model: P3157
Grohe 3000 Trim 19359..
Excl. VAT€247.11
Brand: Highlife Model: 122808
Spey Series 2 Thermostatic Shower Valve & Round Head With Fixed Rail Kit. Chrome Finish..
Excl. VAT€176.71
Model: P7312
Ideal Standard A5879aa Easybox Slim Bsh/thrm B-in Rnd Cpl..
Excl. VAT€366.67
Model: P7313
Ideal Standard A5880aa Easybox Slim Bsh/thrm B-in Sqr Cpl..
Excl. VAT€366.67
Model: P7318
Ideal Standard A5877aa Easybox Slim Sh/thrm B-in Rnd Cpl..
Excl. VAT€337.40
Model: P7320
Ideal Standard A5878aa Easybox Slim Sh/thrm B-in Sqr Cpl..
Excl. VAT€337.40
Brand: Aqualla Model: P11556
This Shower Comes With A 200mm Drench Shower Head And A Rain 3-function Shower Handset...
Excl. VAT€290.08
Model: P4106
Trevi A5782aa Ctv Concealed Valve & Kit..
Excl. VAT€239.84
Model: S2070
Trevi Therm A3000aa Shower Mixer Cp..
Excl. VAT€173.98
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