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Model: S1329
Pan Only - Seat Not Included..
Excl. VAT€41.46
Brand: Ideal Standard Model: P9329
Ideal Standard Tempo Close Coupled Back-to-wall Pan - T328701..
Excl. VAT€121.95
Model: P12780
Pan Only - Seat And Cistern Not Included..
Excl. VAT€146.34
Model: P8607
Oslo Close Coupled Pan With Seat And Cover. Please Note: The Cistern Is Not Included In This Price...
Excl. VAT€124.39
Brand: Roca Model: P10411
Pan Only - Seat And Cistern Not Included..
Excl. VAT€161.57
Brand: Roca Model: P7972
Pan Only - Cistern And Seat Not Included..
Excl. VAT€138.21
Brand: Roca Model: P12463
Roca Gap Comfort Height Pan 34247coou..
Excl. VAT€140.65
Brand: Roca Model: P10424
Roca 34664l000 Nexo Cleanrim Wall Hung Pan..
Excl. VAT€273.55
Brand: Roca Model: P3145
Roca Nexo Compact Box Rim C/c Pan 342642..
Excl. VAT€187.60
Model: P7472
Sandringham 21 Close Coupled Wc Pan E896301 Toilet Seat Not Included..
Excl. VAT€52.03
Brand: Ideal Standard Model: P11885
A Wall Mounted Washdown Wc Suite With Open Flushing Rim..
Excl. VAT€88.62
Model: P9776
Rtl Tara Comfort Wc High Pan Pack..
Excl. VAT€197.56
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