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Cistern Internals

Model: P1317
Chrome Plated Cistern Lever C/w Adjustale Arm..
Excl. VAT€6.67
Model: P1392
Close Couple Kit For Connecting Cistern To Pan. Includes Metal Backplate, Doughnut Washer, 2 Bolts And Wing Nuts. No Sealant Required..
Excl. VAT€7.28
Model: P1314
Replacement Washer For Float Valve. Suitable For Use In Both Side And Bottom Fill Cisterns..
Excl. VAT€0.77
Model: P4732
Dual Flush Syphon With Internal Overflow. Flushing The Full Volume Of The Cistern Is Achieved By Depressing The Lever And Immediately Releasing It. The Short Flush Volume Is Achieved By Depressing The Handle Down And Holding It Down Until The Flush Is Completed. In The Event Of A Filling Valve Failu..
Excl. VAT€7.32
Model: P3730
Dual Flush Syphon With Push Buttons..
Excl. VAT€19.40
Model: P1318
Plastic Lift Arm Which Connects The 'c' Link To The Cistern Handle..
Excl. VAT€1.42
Model: P1898
This Valve Can Be Altered To Take Either High Or Low Pressure Water...
Excl. VAT€21.54
Model: P13060
1/2" Side Inlet Fluidmaster Ballvalve..
Excl. VAT€20.41
Model: P1846
1/2 High Pressure Brass Ballvalve..
Excl. VAT€5.37
Model: P1001
Excel 1/2" Plastic Float For Ballvalve..
Excl. VAT€1.22
Model: P1322
White Pvc Flush Pipe Connector - An Internal Flexible Toilet Flush Pipe To Toilet Pan Connector Which Which Fits Most High And Low Level Toilets...
Excl. VAT€0.82
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